The Art Of Stand Up Comedy


Stand-up Comedy Workshop

Session 6

Make 'Em Laugh!

Make 'Em Laugh!

In your day to day life, up your game a notch into performance mode and create a few smiles among your fellow citizens. This is the stuff of social interaction in bus queues, waiting rooms and at the bars of crowded pubs; your contribution may be as simple as an expression of a shared response, be it exasperation, boredom or delight.

We are in no way suggesting that you walk up to complete strangers and start telling them jokes, far from it. If they suspect any agenda other than every day communication then you’ve failed.

What is required for the workshop is a short 4-5 minute routine about your efforts - both successes and failures - the who, where, what, and internal dialogue of it. Keep it as real as it gets.

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