The Art Of Stand Up Comedy


Tony Allen is a seminal figure in the history of British comedy. As one of the founding stand-up comedians of Alternative Cabaret, along with others such as Alexei Sayle, he challenged the cheap bigotry of the 1970s and redefined stand-up comedy. Today he also runs workshops, and is a lecturer on comedy and stand-up performance techniques.

Tony's book, Attitude, is "the fruits of at least 25 years’ full-time work, play and mischief", drawing together his theories of performance, along with a history of comedy and analysis of alternative comedy.

Den Levett aka Wobbie Wobbit is an accomplished comedy songwriter/performer. She has been a tutor with Tony on comedy workshops since 2001. Her back catalogue and current activities are at

Pat Welsh is Course Leader of BA (Hons) Comedy at Bath Spa University and was first exposed to Tony’s approach to Stand Up Comedy as his student in the early 90s. They were reunited in 2015 when they collaborated on training the stewards at Banksy’s Dismaland.

Together, they have been exploring and expounding Tony’s thesis in The Art of Stand Up Comedy Workshop and the Performance Club, featuring workshop participants alongside established professional comedians.