The Art Of Stand Up Comedy

BLOG: 28th October 2019

Updated review of Ronnie Rigsby by Tony Allen.
Ronnie Rigsby will be performing at The Performance Club, Bath on 7th November.


Some performers have a comic attitude based in a very limited range of personal voices; some adopt characters - a type they know well and can inhabit with ease or invest with irony and perform with a broad-brush stroke of a style. Comedians can often reveal bizarre alter egos experimenting with character. Logan Murray was once a fresh-faced young stand-up working with some success on 1990’s London Comedy circuit engaging, witty and with a penchant for the outrageous and left field image. He earned plaudits and notoriety for a series of shows playing one half of the double act Bib and Bob with Jerry Sadowitz. More recently he has become known as one of the leading stand-up comedy workshop tutors publishing 3 books on the subject. Arguably his best work though, is in the character comedian - Ronnie Rigsby, a cynical foul-mouthed variety act from Hell, with at least fifty years at the bottom end of show biz behind him and nothing to show for it but utter contempt. What makes Ronnie Rigsby the funniest character act on the London circuit, is Murray's control over the character's excesses and the intelligence of his continual deconstruction of what he's doing. Ronnie Rigsby is an ageless, media-savvy, post-mod creation just as likely to sneer at the audience while quoting Chomsky as slag off a minor nineteen thirties variety artiste. The curl of the comic attitude starts with half-arsed efforts to present a professional face, degenerates quickly into hollow apologies and ends with lewdness, insult and couldn’t-give-a-fuckery. With this dynamic Logan Murray has developed considerable space to extemporise and explore further, as well as expressing alter ego Ronnie's jaundiced opinions about his life, show business and the state of the world.

- Tony Allen